Take Up Photography to Stay Busy During Your Stay on an Offshore Oil Platform

by Petroleum Institute .

Petroleum Economist

Working on a floating city has a lot of benefits such as a higher average income, you save a lot of money since you don’t have to pay for transportation, accommodation and there is less temptation to spend money in shopping centrums. But there are also a few downsides like the fact that you cannot simply go and visit friends and family whenever you like.  One of the biggest down sides of working on a floating city is that there isn’t much to do after work.  You can chat with the rest of your colleagues, enjoy anything on the internet and enjoy a few activities but that is about it.  Taking up photography is the perfect way to bust the boredom while you are stationed on an offshore oil rig.

Take Up Photography to Stay Busy During Your Stay on an Offshore Oil Platform

Learn photography skills online

You can learn all the photography skills you need online from the online study site; Creative Live.  On Creative Live you can study a lot of trades like arts and crafts, business studies and more.  They also have terrific photography classes that can help you become a pro at photography during your break times.

You can start on your iPhone with iPhotography

The best part about photography is that you don’t have to wait for the crew to go to shore so you can shop photography gear.  You can start learning photography on your iPhone.  Smartphone photography or iPhotography is tremendously popular and you can take incredible photos with your iPhone if you only have the right guidance.

Learn what photography gear to shop

If you have no idea of what type of camera and lenses to buy then you can definitely check out some intro photography classes on Creative Live.  You will quickly learn what the best camera, lenses and software are for your new hobby.

Master different photography skills online

Photography is quite diverse but with the online classes from Creative Live you can master a great variety of photography skills and types.

Portrait photography – The portrait photography lessons are terrific for teaching you how to take the best shots of people and how to get them to pose right.

Adobe Photoshop – Learn the best tips and tricks for the best photo editing software in the world so your photos can become truly mesmerizing.

Landscape photography – If you are on an offshore oil rig then taking landscape shots of the ocean is probably the skill you will be able to develop the fastest and you can even make some money by selling landscape photos.

Lighting – Learn to work with different types of light and how to set up a light room for perfect studio shots.

Food photography – Like to cook?  Then learn how to take super shots of all of the glorious dishes you are preparing so you can show off your talents on social media.

Astro and landscaping photography – Capture the breathtaking night views from your floating city to show others what it looks like to work on an offshore oil platform during the night.