Interesting facts about petroleum

by Petroleum Institute .

Petroleum Economist

One of the most sought after and a very important resource is petroleum. Without oil or petroleum we would not be able to fulfill needs like going to work or doing daily tasks. The entire economy would crash because of this and that is why it is important to note that the countries that are abundant in oil usually has quite a big say and control. Here are a few interesting facts about oil or petroleum that you might not have known about. Click here to read more about the history of petroleum.

Interesting facts about petroleum

Fact 1

Oil and water will never mix, this is a fact. You can even try an experiment at home and find the same result. The only way to mix something with oil is by using an emulsifier like detergent to successfully be able to mix the water and the oil.

Fact 2

Oil stored at room temperature is in liquid form and the word petroleum comes from the Greek word Petra which means rock and oleum which means oil. Simply put together it is rock oil coming from the depths of the earth. Oil is thousands of years old. Read more about the origin of oil.

Fact 3

Crude oil is oil in its most raw form. The types of oil that we use come after processing. Crude oil can be converted into many forms of fuel which include LPG, jet fuel, petroleum, kerosene and other forms.

Fact 4

In order to start a fire with oil you need to expose it to an open flame. It is however suggested that you should not smoke near petroleum or oil to avoid any accidents. Smoking is generally bad for many reasons. Take a look at the best vape pen 2017 which gives you great examples of vaporizing, a new and safer way to enjoy the habit. With these nifty little gadgets many people are able to quit smoking cigarettes and they are exposed to none of the bad chemicals contained in cigarettes.

Fact 5

Synthetic oil is beneficial for many day to day purposed for example engine lubricants and other machine operations. Our entire production of goods like vehicles and other items would not be possible. Read more about using oil as a lubricant.

Fact 6

The country with the largest oil reserve is Saudi Arabia. They possess over 264 billion barrels of oil.  This makes them incredibly strong and their economy rather powerful.

Fact 7

Gasoline makes up 45% of crude oil and the rest is made up of fossilized materials. Oil is also used to create medicine and cosmetics. The great fact about oil is that it is used in so many different forms and for so many different functions.

Fact 8

Ancient cultures used to actually use crude oil as a sealant or binding material to waterproof certain materials.

Fact 9

Oil is also referred to as Texas Tea or Black Gold because of its value and importance.

Fact 10

Oil is obtained by drilling and pumping air into the earth which makes the oil surface in quite an extravagant way.