Consider British Columbia for a Bright Future If You Are In the Petroleum Industry

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The Canadian petroleum industry is a pretty interesting industry to work in.  This industry sector also has some pretty amazing benefits to petroleum workers.  One of these superb benefits is the ability to relocate should you desire to do so.  There are plenty of work opportunities in the petroleum industry all over the world.  This is good for skilled workers because it means that you should be able to find a job no matter where you want to live.  One of the best places to consider for a bright future in the petroleum industry is Mission, BC.

Why British Columbia is such a good option for petroleum workers

The petroleum or oil and gas industry flourish in this area.  In fact, British Columbia has had an increase of 76% private operators in this area in 2016 alone.  At present, there are over 56 000 operators in the area.  With an employment figure of 56 000 people, you can bet that there will be plenty of job openings to fill.  The astronomical industry growth in just one year also means plenty of future opportunities for petroleum and gas workers in the near future.  The high number of work available in the gas and oil sector in British Columbia makes it the perfect place to start a bright future.

Top private owned gas and oil companies to work for

There are quite a lot of oil and gas companies for which to work but many believe that working for privately owned companies are the best because they often take much better care of employees.  Here are the top private operated gases and oil companies to look out for if you want to relocate;

–    Canbriam Energy  Inc

–    Black Swan Energy Ltd

–    Saguaro Resources Ltd

–    Unconventional Gas Resources

–    Todd Energy Ltd

–    GSE & R

–    SanLing Energy Ltd

–    Aduro Resources Ltd

–    Enercapita Energy Ltd

–    Glenogle Energy Inc.

Consider British Columbia for a Bright Future If You Are In the Petroleum Industry

Consider British Columbia for a Bright Future If You Are In the Petroleum Industry

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The petroleum industry is rich in work opportunities and Mission is one of the best places to consider for a new home.  The houses are ultimately luxurious, crime rates are low and the infrastructure is superb for starting a new life.